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About The Initiative

 NUImpact is a student-led impact investing initiative at Northeastern University. We serve as a resource for the entire Northeastern community to understand purposeful capital. We offer thought-exchanges through speaker events, interactive workshops, lecture series and community conversations. Engage with us to get involved in sustainable and responsible finance that builds a better future.  


Our Objective

 Since our inception in Spring 2016, our objective is to build an environment where Northeastern students can engage with the language of capital and the language of social impact by learning from industry professionals and participating in a fund where students invest in Boston-based impact investing opportunities for the greater good. ”  

NUImpact Coffee Tabling for D'Amore-McKim School of Business

Our History

In 2015, passionate students Mindi Chen and Ruby Khan from Dr. C. Sara Lawrence Minard's Impact Investing and Social Finance course identified a growing interest in impact investing among NU students and community stakeholders. The female-led initiative made a pitch to Thrive and Mosaic to raise seed capital for a collaborative impact investing space.



Varun Jauhar

Mason Fitzpatrick

Varun Jauhar

“Joining NUImpact was one of the best decisions I have made in college as it has allowed me to work with, and learn from, a group of incredibly intelligent and focused individuals who are all trying to support underserved communities through investments.”


Maddy Banker

Mason Fitzpatrick

Varun Jauhar

 "I will forever be grateful for accidentally stumbling upon a group that has afforded me an incredible amount of knowledge, granted me unique opportunities that have allowed me to grow personally and professionally, and introduced me to some of the most amazing people at NUImpact"


Mason Fitzpatrick

Mason Fitzpatrick

Mason Fitzpatrick

 "NUImpact has rewarded me with a deeper understanding of my interests, strengths, and weaknesses. It has also provided clarity on my academic and career path by allowing me to work across the investment process, impact measurement, and community organizing in a way few other student organizations would."

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