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Summer Co-op Panel

 NUImpact had an amazing co-op panel with our panelists taking about careers that make an impact! We had Charlie Doherty who co-oped at Ceres, Inc., James DeCunzo who is currently a prime fellow at Prime Impact Fund, Savannah Kinzer who is co-oping at Sunwealth, and Sureena Sachdev who co-oped at Wellington Management's investment strategy team. Our panelists shared their impact journey and how they extended their passion for impact through their co-ops. Our moderator Shivank Taksali also led an interesting discussion on the role of data in sustainability. 

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 NUImpact and Ryan Dings, COO of Sunwealth, to talk more about clean energy's incredible potential and how Sunwealth is using their expertise in investing and solar technology to pioneer the way for clean energy investing. 

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Founders Day

 NUImpact is celebrated Founder’s Day to highlight the journey of Boston’s local entrepreneurs while providing a platform for Northeastern students to learn, connect, and share their experiences of entrepreneurship and impact investing.

The night included presentations by a variety of Boston entrepreneurs. In addition, the NUImpact Fund Investment Analysts discussed their semester-long work sourcing, prospecting, and conducting diligence on Boston-based enterprises. The event took place in a form of roundtable discussions, where students rotated between tables every 15 minutes to further themselves.

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