Noteworthy Past Events


Summer Co-op Panel

 NUImpact had an amazing co-op panel with our panelists taking about careers that make an impact! We had Charlie Doherty who co-oped at Ceres, Inc., James DeCunzo who is currently a prime fellow at Prime Impact Fund, Savannah Kinzer who is co-oping at Sunwealth, and Sureena Sachdev who co-oped at Wellington Management's investment strategy team. Our panelists shared their impact journey and how they extended their passion for impact through their co-ops. Our moderator Shivank Taksali also led an interesting discussion on the role of data in sustainability. 



 NUImpact and Ryan Dings, COO of Sunwealth, talked about clean energy's incredible potential and how Sunwealth is using their expertise in investing and solar technology to pioneer the way for clean energy investing. 


Founders Day

NUImpact celebrated Founder’s Day to highlight the journey of Boston’s local entrepreneurs while providing a platform for Northeastern students to learn, connect, and share their experiences of entrepreneurship and impact investing.   

The night included presentations by a variety of Boston entrepreneurs. In addition, the NUImpact Fund Investment Analysts discussed their semester-long work sourcing, prospecting, and conducting diligence on Boston-based enterprises. The event took place in a form of roundtable discussions, where students rotated between tables every 15 minutes to further themselves.


Sustainable Investing, Bain, and Start-Ups

 Big 3 consulting? Fast paced start-up? Something in between? Come sort it all out with a fireside chat with Sophie Purdom led by Connie from NUImpact and Miracle from Women in Finance!

Sophie is the author of "Sustainable Investing: Revolutions in Theory in Practice" and is a founder of and advisor to the Brown University Sustainable Investment Fund, the first ESG fund at a leading university endowment.

Her book argues pathways for the continued evolution of sustainable investing, with a focus on profit, solutions, and effective partnership across stakeholders. She brought these values with her when she consulted at Bain & Company, where she focused on private equity and social impact engagements.  


Lunch with a Director at Wellington

 As director of Climate Research on the Sustainable Investment Team, Chris spearheads a collaborative initiative between Wellington Management and Woods Hole Research Center. This alliance is focused on creating investor tools to help analyze and better understand how and where climate change may impact global capital markets. Chris is also co-portfolio manager on the Wellington Target Date portfolios and works across the firm on areas like innovation, climate science, and the development of our Investment Science Analyst (ISA) program.  


Cleantech Startups and Angel Investing

Heard from four CEOs on their journeys of using technology for the greater good. We learned a lot about the different decisions that had to be made to ensure that we have clearn + smart tech.

Mark Bernfeld, an angel investor for these organizations and NUImpact's faculty advisor, spoke about impact investing and the role of entrepreneurship; he then moderated the panel.

  • Our panel will feature the founders and CEOs from:
    - Gravyty: AI-enabled fundraising for nonprofits
    - Listenwise: a "listening skills platform" to advance literacy in all students
    - Cleanfibersolutions: a supplier of high-quality insulation made from cardboard
    - FutureFuel: HRTech + FinTech company that aims to reduce student debt by $1.5B by 2021.


Root Capital

 NUImpact welcomed Gloria and Nene Diouf from Root Capital! we learned how Root Capital empowers farmers and heard their impact stories. This was an incredible event that really showed us the grit and grind that we didn't see on an everyday basis.