Member Spotlights


Maddy Banker

See our first member spotlight on Maddy Banker, where she provides some insight on the co-op process and even some helpful classes!

Questions with Maddy


How did NU Impact help you with your co-op search?

 NUImpact absolutely helped in my co-op search. For one, I have gained amazing experience in the club that has supplemented the fact that I’m not studying finance and it’s a great talking point in interviews. I found out about the Morningstar co-op from the previous president, Connie because she was the one who set it up. She helped give me pointers for the interview and during the interview I was able to talk about what I have learned about ESG/impact investing through NUImpact. 


What was the most rewarding part of your co-op?

 I intend to pursue a career in the impact space because I have always been motivated by helping others. I definitely want to work in some sort of mission-oriented business because money as the end goal has never been a driver for me, whereas I feel inspired when I know that my work is making some sort of positive difference.  


Was there a class at Northeastern that was really helpful or inspiring for your co-op search?

 The class that was the most helpful for my co-op was CS1100. Having advanced Excel skills helped me add a lot of value to my team. I also took Global Social Enterprise (ENTR 2206), which wasn’t super relevant to my co-op, but it was inspiring in that it was the first time I found a place in business that resonated with me.